26 August 2007

Sunday Songs

Sunday Noises - Califone
A really sparse, yet atmospheric track by the alt-county cut-and-paste masters. Off last year's stupendous Roots & Crowns

Tell Me On A Sunday - The Mountain Goats
An older, awesomely lo-fi track that articulates how and when the inevitable break-up should take place.

Everyday is Like Sunday - Morrissey
You probably know this one. An anthem for anyone that's every been counting down the days to the apocalypse. All together now - Come Armaggeddon, COME

Every Day Feels Like Sunday - Of Montreal
Of Montreal's Sunday is nothing like Morrissey's. It is *gasp* happy!

Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground
The Ultimate hangover anthem. A dreamy soundtrack to accompany that "feeling we don't want to know."

Gloomy Sunday - Bjork
Björk takes on the Billie Holiday classic.

EDIT: A bonus song from June!
Sundays - Lucinda Williams
When you just can't seem to make it through Sunday, this sparse, twangy tune will help you feel even more depressed.


Amy said...

oh wow... mountain goats doing tell me on a sunday... incredible! i used to sing this song for auditions when i was in high school (you know it's an andrew lloyd webber song, from the musical of the same name). one of those songs i love but that i forgot even existed- and so cool done this way!! thanks.

Jess said...

ahh i did not know that! i am poorly underversed in musical theater. but thanks for filling me in, amy!

merry meghan said...

Actually! The musical's name is "Song and Dance." But thanks for posting!