07 August 2007

The future is AWESOME

Oliver Future's new album, Pax Futura, comes to us via Ink Tank. While currently residing in Austin by way of L.A., they retain a fabulously consistent rock sound, absorbing the best that both music worlds have to offer.

When this album fell from the sky into my lap, I gave it the same decent chance as I do others--but I was pretty much blown away on the first listen. While most albums are merely a collection of songs, this is a tightly cohesive unit. The songs can stand on their own, but brilliant transitions and recurring thematic elements insist you listen straight through from beginning to end.

Combined with instantly arresting lyrics, unstoppable guitar riffs and rock beats (borrowing from some old-school veterans like The Clash and U2), this album is in the league of Neutral Milk Hotel's or The Unicorns' respective magnum opi.

Here's two tracks of particular catchy interest:

Oliver Future - Stranger Than Stranger.mp3
Oliver Future - The Second.mp3

Pax Futura is out now, but expect to see it mentioned again in my "Top Albums of 2007" list come December.

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