28 November 2008

If you feel like dancing, dance with me.

So every year on my birthday I go to the local cd store and buy a cd. Not just any cd, one I've never heard of before. I buy because the cover is cool, the songs have quirky names, or based on a highly scientific round of eeni meeni minie mo. Some years I end up with a less than steller choice. (I got Panic! At The Disco's debut a week before that god awful wedding song hit the radio) but some years I hit musical gold. This was such a year.

It was the cover that got me. It was pretty and simple, a nice soothing blue cover. There was also an 'and' inbetween the band and album name, and little touches like that always tickle me. So, I put back the cd I had been considering and bought Bishop Allen's 'The Broken String.'

Light and pretty songs. Crisp and fresh like a summer's morning. The lyrics are deeper than the music would sugest, which is great because I can't work with lack-lustre lyrics. And while the songs share a similar sound, they are each distinctive in there own way which stops the album from becoming boring. Plus, trumpets and bells and castanets.

It's really just a delight to listen to, not too light and not too dark.

The Moniter
And you think I'd understand
That a rock-n-roll band
Doesn't mean a blessed thing

Click, Click, Click, Click.
I wasn't someone they'd invite
Because I didn't know the groom

Or know the bride

But when I stood next to her brother

For the photograph

He was laughing


Juliette said...

awww i think i love that idea - unfortunately since my choices are often less then stellar when i'm going in with my eyes wide open this could either work well or reallyREALLY badly!

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to click, click, click camera for a year or so. Fantastic song,lyrics & vibe. Great choice

Kevin said...

Good choice, Bishop Allen is amazing. The band will be putting out another CD next year, too.

Megan said...

Oh it definitely goes bad more than it goes good Juliette, but the times you get something awesome more than make up for it!

And that's very good news Kevin, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Anonymous said...

Oo, I like those too! Well, if randomly, chosen!