06 November 2008

The Decemberists @ Terminal 5, NYC 11/5/08

Is it funny to say that the most patriotic I've ever felt was at a concert? Because The Decemberists' show yesterday, better known as President Elect Obama: Day 1, was one of the most joyous, collective celebrations of hopefulness I've had the priveledge of experiencing. Chanting a call-and-response refrain of "Yes We Can" and "Yes We Did" along with 3,000 others during the particularly timely "16 Military Wives" seemed a euphorically aptway to commemorate such an historic occasion. "America says its so!" Indeed! Later on Obama himself (ok, a cardboard cut-out, not like the actual president-to-be) made an appearance and even crowd-surfaced. He's super-cool like that.

The best prop of the night, however, had to be a peacock feather someone in the front row handed to Colin Meloy. I mean, who doesn't bring a peacock feather to a rock show?? It's like totally the new hipster accessory of choice. Meloy being the master improv showman that he is used it to violently strum his guitar in full rock-god style. Because all the best rock-gods sing about Victorian era chimney sweeps.

Set highlights included:
New single: Valerie Plame mp3
Fleetwood Mac covers?! Dreams mp3
and the yet to be released, but beautifully melancholic: Raincoat Song mp3

(All photos taken by me or good friend Deb)


Katie said...

Just got home from seeing them tonight at the Orpheum in Boston...they were absolutely incredible, as usual! Obama also made an appearance and was promptly crowd-surfed in effigy. The call and response of "yes we can" and "yes we did" was also featured, and they ended the night by bringing up members of the audience onstage and singing Sons and Daughters. It was so powerful and moving to hear everyone sing "hear all the bombs fade away" over and over again. Like you said, it made me proud and excited to be an American, and I know I wasn't alone in those feelings tonight :-)

Jess said...

yes! how could i forget "sons and daughters"! it was such a moving way to end the night.

Dave said...

I enjoy concerts much better without the political flavor. Politics have no place at a rock concert. Great band and great show otherwise.