16 November 2008

Girl Talk @ Terminal 5, NYC, November 15, 2008

I almost got trampled last night. Anyone who's ever been to a Girl Talk show knows how intense the crowd can be. As soon as Greg Gillis opens his laptop, hundreds of people bum-rush the stage and leap over barriers just to get a taste of the party that ensues. Security guards anticipated the onslaught of rabid dancers, positioning themselves along r At one point I was almost kicked to the floor and my shows went flying. BUT I scurried back up and hustled past security and found myself lost in a sea of neon spandex and glowsticks. As I starred out into the crowd of 3,000, I couldn't help but think, the view is always nicer from the top.

Any time there is flying toilet paper, dudes dressed up as teddy bears, confetti and oh yeah an hour and a half set of killer non-stop mash-ups you are pretty much guaranteed the best dance party ever. That's basically what we got.

Here's the Thing - Girl Talk

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Anonymous said...

I went on Tuesday night.

My legs hurt from dancing hard.

His live shows are amazing.