30 May 2008

The worst (album) covers

Here at VK, usually when we talk about covers, we're referring to a song played by a band that was originally done by another band. However, I don't think that actual albums covers--that is, the "artwork" on the face of the album--get credit where they are due.

Oftentimes, a great piece of art not only draws the eye, but enhances the vibe and message as the musical component of the album. At its best, the work can be as sublime, moving, beautiful or curious as the songs it's packaging.

HOWEVER! Bad album artwork can really backfire. The Sun-Sentinel has put together a gallery of the worst album covers of all time. You can even upload atrocities you've seen, and vote for the worst.

Most, like this, are simply an overbearing punch of retro SO ugly, even Threadless wouldn't pick it up for kitsch value (ouch!):

Others are "merely" an affront to the basic aesthetic sense of those who have better than 20/400 vision, but are an all-out insult to those with even a modicum of graphic design preference:

Others... there is simply no excuse, and nothing to say:

WOW. Well. On that note, let's take this "covers" term and deliver some random cover songs for you as well.


Anonymous said...

The Mountain Goats cover is even better than the original.
This just reinforces my feeling when listening to some Mountain Goats songs: "Wow, this could be a great song."
You might like to check out the "Heathers" cover of "This Year" on YouTube. Really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Really? I found the cover pretty irritating, actually, if not for the fact that the chords are wrong, it sounds like it hasn't been rehearsed, moderately off key, etc. Maybe that's just me.

Though the Heathers video is great, true.

Celia Pleete said...

Oh man, I have that Muhammad Ali album. It's really bad. As if the cover didn't indicate it.
Slim Goodbody terrified me as a child!!!!

Danny said...

Looks like the Red Eye here in Chicago has been stealing from V-K. I knew I recognized those covers...


phildebeast said...

the mountain goats are bomb ass titties