14 May 2008

Stay in Arm's Way

This new Islands album is sooooo good. Unlike the previous album of clanging percussion, brash vocals and potent lyrics, this new magnum opus is more instrumental. It's very rich, more polished, and with the joyful return of bass clarinet, we hear smooth strings and epic, orchestral layers. It takes a few listens to get through the meaning of the less-transparent lyrics, but so worth it. The final track is 11+ minutes of pure Awesome of Homeric proportions.

Islands - Vertigo (If It's a Crime).m4a

Arm's Way comes out next week, but you can should pre-order it now.


junkliberty said...

love Islands! :)

favourite song by them is probably rough gem. got it on my ipod! xD


Aaron F. said...

I don't know if I love the album more than Return to Sea, but it's definitely growing on me. I certainly agree about Vertigo. That song and I Feel Evil Creeping In blew me away when I first heard them.

It kind of feels like they took Swans from last album and said "Let's make most of the new album like this". Since Swans is my favourite song on the last album (though Volcanoes and Renaud are up there), that's great for me. But I do wonder if something is lost by having a less eclectic sound.

Overall, though, I'm loving this album more and more.