18 May 2008

The Mountain Goats - Brooklyn Masonic Temple 5/16/08

We write about the Mountain Goats a lot on this blog, but Saturday's show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple was no ordinary show. The set list was littered with obscurities, that even the most devout fan NEVER could have fathomed hearing live. A few requests were taken from the tMG forums (our "Going to Buffalo" pick sadly went unnoticed), but even despite the litany of suggestions, no one could have predicted the evening's set.

A solo John Darnielle opened with "Trans-Jordanian Blues." Let me reiterate that: TRANS-JORDIAN-MOTHER-EFFING-BLUES. This is a song that was only released on a limited edition 3" in Japan almost a decade ago. There are only 100 copies. If you listen to the live bootleg, you can almost hear my jaw hitting the floor. Unbelievable.

NYC Taper has the entire show up for download. Also all the proceeds benefited AIDS research. That's pretty damn neat too.

the Mountain Goats - Trans-Jordanian Blues (live at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple).mp3

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June said...

I still think this should have been titled "John Darnielle cures AIDS."

And I can't get enough of that first picture where it looks like he's descending from a heavenly beam (or, more likely, the opposite).