06 May 2008

Food Will Win The War

Perhaps I'm just a sucker for rock bands with violins, but I repeatedly found myself thinking "hmmm, these guys are pretty good" upon catching a set by Food Will Win The War last Saturday at a Brooklyn house party. Now, considering how many bands--the good, the bad, the insufferably hip--play Williamsburg or thereabouts each and every weekend, I was more than pleasantly impressed to catch one of better (and not pretentious!) ones.

At certain times, they kind of reminded me of a mellower version of The National, but then those punchy violin parts would kick imbuing the music with a folksy vigor. But I think it was "Amassed Complications" that really did it for me. It's straight-up relationship melancholy, with deceptively catchy opening chords. Check out the songs below and stream more (including the phenomenal "Dark Mono 3") on their MySpace page.

Food Will Win The War - Amassed Complications.mp3
But I don't think she can take that chance, there's been a lot of complications that've been amassed through this romance. And I don't think we can take that chance.

Food Will Win The War - Traveling.mp3

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