30 May 2008

Computerization: the custom songs!!!

Computerization = Derek, and for $9 weency bucks he will custom-make you a song all about you, and throw in a copy of his full-length album to boot!!! Tip-toeing into this musical adventure, I decided to give this a try!!! I filled out the little form on his site. Delivered as promised, I received a fantastic song all about me, custom-tailored with subjects and sounds!!! And, to my delight, in 5/4 time!!! Check it out:

Computerization - June is Totally Awesome.mp3

A sample of the (obviously very important and completely true) lyrics:
If I had to murder all my friends
to talk to June for just a second,
no debate, I wouldn't hesitate,
they'd be dead in a mere instant.

And I know that others feel the same,
no point in trying to resist it.
June's so smart, she could take us all to Mars,
but since she's not, it's probably not very cool there.

Clearly the best part of Summer is in June.
We get to say her name every day.
Don't pretend you think it isn't true,
or else everybody will hate you.

If I could deliver the world peace,
of course I'd ask for June's opinion.
What she says is obviously correct.
I feel stupid for even mentioning it.

See/hear all this and more at Computerization's excitable, minimalist, web-2.0 Web site, where you can request your own custom song!!! I recommend you all do this!!!


Jeremy Jensen (The Very Most) said...

Oh, man! My band was going to do this too, and I swear I didn't steal the idea from him!

I feel dumb now.

June said...

Hey Jeremy!
Battle of the bands?? I know I'm happy with my song, but I would never say say no to a second ego boost. But here I am being selfish when Jess and Megan are still songless...

Jeremy Jensen said...

Well, since you've thrown down the gauntlet and promoted the competitive aspect of this, I decided to do it! Here's the details:


If you want, you guys could all chip in on a CD (though Jess is already getting one) and I could collectively ego boost the whole Volume Knob operation here.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have put your full name up there, Jeremy. My thugs are on the way.

Seriously though I hope this works out for you. I used to have a "We aren't going to promise anything close to perfection with these songs" thing too but I decided it probably wasn't the best selling point. Then again you're trying to get people to pay BEFORE you make the song wheras I try to get my money after they realize how, um, perfect it is.