29 May 2008

The Magic

There is nothing better then being pleasantly surprised by an opening band. More often then not, I find myself standing there, arms crossed, only half-listening, impatiently tapping my foor in anticipation of, you know, the headlining band I actually paid to see. But this wasn't the case last Saturday when I saw a little Canadian band called The Magic open for Islands.

I was first struck by their appearance. The lead singer had this black velvety blazer and a faux-pompador-like hairdo. Classy guy, and it turned out he had a voice to match. Essentially, The Magic make soulful, orchestral synth-pop. They've got a bit of a herky-jerky Talking Heads vibe. There's this confident twitch about them -like if a person with Tourette's could play instruments, but have complete control over over when twitch when they play their instruments -and were also really into new wave. They also vaguely reminded me of OMD in terms of melodramatic vocals. Oh and just as they launched into "Deep Water" my friend and I were almost positive they were going to play a Blondie cover, but instead they surprised us with a spazzy, seven minute jam. While they only have a five song self-titled EP out now, I'm incredibly curious what these guys have in store for the future.

Also they appear to be un-google-able because I can't seem to find a Web site for them anywhere. Otherwise I'd totally link you guys up to their awesomeness. But I swear they exist.

EDIT - They apparently do have a Web site! Link here.

No Sound - The Magic
Never Lock the Door - The Magic


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! You are right - they are completely nonexistent on the internet! I sooo regret not buying their EP at the concert :(

Anonymous said...

Myspace for them:


June said...

Thanks for that myspace link! We'll add it.

Steph said...

Awesome. They're coming to Waterloo (where I'm located) to play a small (tiny) show Friday night. I will definitely be there... and play these tracks on the radio tomorrow morning! Many thanks!!