06 June 2009

R.I.P. Jeff Hanson 1978-2009

Sad, sad news via Kill Rock Stars. The record label is reporting the death of artist Jeff Hanson, which is both shocking and untimely. At only 31 he died at home "the victim of a terrible accident".

VK's own Megan reviewed his latest album Madam Owl last August. Here's what she said back then:

Jeff Hanson’s latest album is soft and melodic, but filled with sharp contrast. Which, I guess, it’s a contrast in itself. Twisting, lilting violin refrains sliced by sharp, harsh string sounds. An Eastern European atmosphere, of caravans traveling through dense woods, shattered by januty banjos. And his voice. Soft and high and sweet like a girl’s, but with an unbending vein of bravado-filled masculinity running through its core.

Listening to ‘Madam Owl’ you can never relax. It’s ‘Bon Iver-ish’ vibe might try and lull you, but that sense of conflict is too strong. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s like those early photographs, of the stiff backed people in stiff clothes with stiff faces. They’re vaguely unsettling, but damn if they don’t have something that modern snapshots lack.

Enjoy some hauntingly beautiful songs by Jeff here:

Night - Jeff Hanson
Hiding Behind the Moon - Jeff Hanson

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Megan said...

Truly upsetting news.