19 June 2009

Fangio, Juan Fangio!

One of the non-John Darnielle-related highlights of Zoop was most definitely Peter Peter Hughes solo set. While minus his signature etro vest, the Mountain Goats bassist looked as dapper as ever in a snazzy blazer, scarf and flip-flop ensemble. But best of all was the music. He premiered an entirely new set of songs, and not just any set of songs, a set of songs with an impossibly awesome concept album behind them.

Here's the premise: Argentinian race car driver Juan Manuel Fangio, who to this day is considered on of the greatest racers of all time drives through the Andes Mountains in a souped-up 80s Saab on a mission to assassinate Chilean dictator Pinochet. I mean really, an album about a race car driver, secret agent assassin - it really doesn't get more awesome then that. The music itself is mainly 80s inspired beats intertwined with PPH's rocking guitar. And believe you me, it rocked pretty hard.

While we haven't got an official release date on when Fangio will see the light of day (Peter claims the album is about 85% of the way done) we have this video to hold you over in the meantime.

Here's a track off Peter Peter Hughes first album The One Hundred Thousand Songs of Peter Peter Hughes, which is equally awesome. Like the tag line says, "It makes you want to get divorced all over again!". Download the WHOLE album for FREE here. Man that PPH is one generous dude.

No Secrets - Peter Peter Hughes

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Deb. said...

At first, we didn't know what the hell to make of it, and it seemed like PPH wasn't sure how it would go over. A moment of wide-open receptiveness: "whatever you're up to, we trust you: lay it on us."

My favorite part was that he wanted to explain before he started, and we wouldn't let him. Just do it! So he did.

The next day, as many people wanted the "Fangio, Juan Fangio!" t-shirts as any of the other designs.