23 June 2009

Great opening line: "There is NO way I'm looking for a boyfriend"

God bless Matador! The esteemed label is currently streaming the ENTIRETY of Stuart Murdoch's latest musical project God Help the Girl. The Belle & Sebastian frontman has been writing and recording a separate set of songs under the new moniker that tell a story of their very own. Like the title suggests they're basically a bunch of songs detailing the travails of girl having a mental breakdown.

So wait, how is this different than a typical B&S album again? Basically it's not except for the fact that most of the lead vocals are sung by an array of female artists. There are even revamped versions of "Act of the Apostle" and "Funny Little Frog". But irregardless, we are totally digging the self-titled track, which is basically as poppy as pop gets. But with the usual tinges of Murdoch's trademark wit and melancholy of course. Listen to the WHOLE ALBUM here.

God Help The Girl - God Help the Girl


Anonymous said...

Irregardless? Without having lack of regard?

Jess said...