19 March 2009

The only bloggers not at SXSW

Maybe if I cloned myself like 85 times I could see 1,302 bands at SXSW. Or you know, actually go to SXSW. I swear one of these days I'll get my butt down to Austin. But until that day comes I'm quite enjoying The Morning News' succinct, yet helpful write ups of, get this 1,302 songs by SXSW artists.

Some choice excerpts:

AIDS Wolf "Tied-Up In Paper": The cats just got freaked out.
Human Highway "The Sound": Toxic bubblegum. Terrible whining. But improves.
Ra Ra Riot "Dying Is Fine": Lots of little touches and swirls.
We Were Lovers "Birds of a Feather": THE HANDCLAPS BURN THEY BURN THEY.

Read the rest here

The Sound - Human Highway

1 comment:

boyhowdy said...

Loved this last year, too. My favorite is the rating system:

●●●●●: Worthy of five circles.

●●●●: Worthy of four circles.

●●●: Worthy of three circles.

●●: Worthy of two circles.

●: Worthy of one circle.

I'm not at SXSW either, but I think it's mostly 'cause I'm too old to live like that anymore.