15 March 2009

Les Savy Fav @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple 3/13/09

Les Savy Fav’s concert at Brooklyn’s Masonic Temple doubled as the ultimate pajama party. There were pillow fights, a spooky round of Bloody Mary and even exfoliating facials. Clad in a floral nightie, bald and bearded lead singer Tim Harrington struck just about every rock star pose within the show’s first five minutes as he leapt on to a stage overflowing with leopard printed pillows. Said pillows were quickly ripped to shreds with feathers flying into the mosh pit below, putting a decidedly punk rock spin on the slumber parties of my girlhood. Speaking of shredding, the Brooklyn art-punkers ripped through jams spanning their nearly fifteen-year long career. As the title goes, we partied like the “Year Before the Year 2000” and bassist (and French Kiss Records founder) Syd Butler even rode Tim like a horse during a rousing rendition of “The Equestrian”.

Eventually stripping off his nightgown, a lavender pantied Tim ran into the crowd like a madman, singing, shouting and dancing amongst a crowd of fanatical devotees. As a virgin to the Les Savy Fav experience I was in total awe of the spectacle. In the spirit of the greatest of punk ethos, the line between artist and audience was essentially obliterated. Even prior to coming to their performance Hairy Harrington himself meandered through the audience and greeted fans by smearing their cheeks with creamy facial masks. It was a pre-show bonding ritual unlikely to ever be replicate –in all senses a most refreshing experience. To answer their titular question “Who Rocks the Party,” Les Savy Fav most certainly did.

P.S. The guy standing next to Tim is my boyfriend. He loves shooting zombies. We tracked Tim down after the show and chatted for a bit. Tim also informed us his fake eyelashes fell off during the show, haha. For more photos click here

Hold on to Your Genre - Les Savy Fav

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