26 July 2008

Mastering Master of None

Sometimes a band you're not at all familiar with covers a song you're very familiar with. But they re-do it in a way that's surprisingly transformative and just so... so pleasant. Such is the case with Young Rival's jaunty little cover of Beach House's "Master of None". While the original, a haunting organ drone of a song that's about as dark and gauzy as a funeral shroud, is in no need of an improvement, Young Rival decided to dust off some of the cobwebs. Speeding up the tempo a bit, they imbue it with newfound vigor and jangle. I didn't think it was possible for such an ethereal tune to take on such a swagger, yet I like it. Compare and contrast for yourself:

Young Rival - Young Rival (Beach House cover)

Master of None - Beach House

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