15 July 2008

Jukebox the Ghost @ Arts Fest, State College, PA 7/12/08

Prior to Saturday, I've only seen Jukebox the Ghost play in teeny dive bars on the Lower East Side (three times no less). So it was rather jarring to see them play outside at a suburban, college town arts fair. Not a hipster in sight; no overpriced $4 cans of PBR to be found in a 200 mile radius. However, the piano power-pop trio quickly won the mixed crowd over, school kids, grandmas and even my friend Deb alike. Playing their catchy-as-all-hell tunes from their full length debut "Live and Let Ghosts", these boys rocked.

And thats to say nothing of the witty banter and endearing stage presence. Lead singer Ben Thornewill was utterly mesmerized by this intricate water play contraption in which buckets of water randomly splashed down into the pool underneath (see the photo below). Imagine trying to focus on playing your instrument with that oddity in your direct line of sight, haha. Yet somehow they managed to pull off a near perfect set full of hand claps, sing-alongs and songs about setting yourself on fire.

Lighting Myself on Fire - Jukebox the Ghost
Under My Skin - Jukebox the Ghost

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