17 July 2008

I'm Tired, I'm Bitter, I'm Hungry

Do we here at Volume Knob dig Islands? Why yes, yes we do. So it's hardly surprising that we (well, one fifth of us at the very least) dig 'Moody Motorcycle,' the debut album of Nick Thorbun (currently of Islands) and Jim Guthrie's (formally of Islands) band 'Human Highway.'

The sound is, hmmm, well, I guess you could say it's like a very stripped back, folky Of Montreal. The whimsy and quirkiness is there, both in lyric and melody, but the overall sound is somewhat more Simon and Garfunkel-y. And there is a hint of lo-fi there that my lo-fi loving heart warms to.

The album has not hit me as immediately as the recent Islands' release did, but it's very good. I suspect it's going to be a grower, and I look forward to letting it grow.

So, you should be buy it when it gets released on August 19, (I will be!)

Human Highway - The Sound.mp3
Human Highway - Ode to Abner.mp3

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