23 July 2008

Interview with the Silver Jews

I was fortunate enough to interview lead Silver Jew, David Berman and as you might imagine his responses to my questions were just as witty and self-deprecating as his lyrics. The 40 year old indie rock/alt-country godfather has been through a lot. We discussed depression, drugs, over-hyped scenesters and the awe of being alive. One of his quotes was downright poignant:

“Ever since I was a kid, even in misery, I’ve always been a split second away from a state of awe at being alive, in awe that anything exists at all. Because awe can be fearful or joyful, there's so much more range from that point of view, as opposed to the coldly rational one that keeps us alive on the inner rings. So I would say that part of the time with Tanglewood Numbers, and more fully on this one, I've been working in a day-to-day state of awe, or at least close enough to let me work underneath its light. But I don’t mean to discount the fact that you really have to shoehorn yourself into this place. Which can mean cutting off all ties for a while.”

You can read the rest of my interview with David Berman at Crawdaddy!

If you haven't bought Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea tsk, tsk.

We Could Be Looking For the Same Thing - Silver Jews

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