22 March 2008

The Mountain Goats @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, March 19, 2008

We've written quite thoroughly about the Mountain Goats' live shows in the past (just check out June's past two posts). However their Brooklyn show was different - no, not just different -special. Because for about five brief seconds during the second encore John Darnielle reached his hands out into the audience, placed them on *MY* head and personally serenaded yours truly during "Houseguest". It was rapturous. Four days later, I'm still speaking in tongues. Check out the video evidence (you can blurrily make out the back of my head, a messy brunette ponytail), which is probably more notable for John's manically awesome dance solo towards the end. Many thanks to Bill for the video.

But that's not all that made the show stand out. JD opened with a 9 song solo set filled with more obscure songs and covers that I never thought I'd ever have the pleasure of hearing live, including "The Recognition Scene" "One Fine Day" and "Going to Port Washington". As much as I enjoy the full band set-up, there was a palpable intimacy present, which was lacking from past five times I'd seen them. And then of course Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster came out and they launched into full Heretic Pride mode. An overall outstanding show.
The Recognition Scene - the Mountain Goats (Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY March 19, 2008)
(Please note the brutally honest stage banter prior to the song.)

Going to Port Washington - the Mountain Goats (Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY March 19, 2008)

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Joseph said...

AWESOME ... i was at that show and next to the dude who had hands laid upon him later on in the song. AMAZING show ... cheers!