29 March 2008

Lookout! New Silver Jews songs!

Silver Jews: Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Albums by the Silver Jews can seem few and far between with releases coming years apart. Luckily David Berman and company are following up 2005's superb Tanglewood Numbers with Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea due out this June. Brimming with Berman's trademark wit, deadpan baritone and bitting lyricism, Lookout! contains all the qualities you've come to expect from the countrified indie-rocking collective. Lookout is looking to be one of my fave albums of the year.

Silver Jews - Suffering Jukebox.mp3
Silver Jews - Aloyisius, Bluegrass Drummer.mp3

And I'll take any excuse to post this absolute classic from 1998's American Water:

Silver Jews - Random Rules.m4a