27 March 2008

I'm listening to Dance Music

I need to get moving today. Some inspiration for the morning:

FischerSpooner - Emerge.mp3 from #1
I fell in love with this song after seeing it used in a surreal meta-humorous Garfield strip. A PURSE IS NOT FOOD! YOU CANNOT EAT A PURSE!

Bill Withers - Use Me.mp3 from Still Bill
Old-skool beats. Real Soul-funk; classic R&B in the truest definition: rhythm AND blues. From the same genius that brought you the creative percussion on "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone." If you like that song, you'll love this one.

DJ Tiësto - Motorcycle (As the Rush Comes).mp3 from Nyana
Pure psychotrance trip-hop. The purest musical equivalent of peaking on Extacy. This entire album just flows so smoothly and even if you're not into rave music, this pulsing beat is great background music for things like cleaning, long drives or even studying.

Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On.mp3 from Keep It Unreal
A happy, upbeat dance song from the late '90s. I think it was even featured in an SUV ad a few years ago, which is sad, because this is such a great song: well-edited spoken word samples on a bouncy loop of beats.

Nine Inch Nails - Closer.mp3 from The Downward Spiral
The classic dance song must-have for the gothic types. even though I grew out of that phase when I was 16 (thank god) I could never outgrow this song.

Power Pill - Pacman Remix.mp3 from ????? The Internets?
Because video game music tends to have a solid beat in the first place (keeps you focues on those levels!) I love modern remixes of them. This is one of the best! I have no idea the original source of this track, so you should get The Altogether instead.

Chayanne - Salomé.mp3 from Atado a tu Amor
Some Latin flava. Chayanne may not be as well known in the States, but this ladies-man hipshaker is the male equivalent of Shakira. Less overtly cheesy and dancey than some of the more popular exports, this song stays truer to its roots with a more traditional beat and bright brass flourishes.

Lady Sovereign - Fiddle With The Volume (Ghislain Poirier Remix).mp3 from Vertically Challenged
This drum-n-bass remix is far superior to the original version of this song, IMHO. With a heavy grime-core backbeat, it's something to scare even the most musically progressive aging gen-Xer (haha).

mc DJ - UFO.mp3 from Illin' Noise
To end on a lighter note, this slow, dreamy, ethereal remix samples crickets and airy harmonies over a select loop of piano, strings and flutes. A good one to nod along to.

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