06 March 2008

And I found this boy...

Wow, apparently it took till 2008 for me to hear the best pop song of 2007. But boy I'm glad I finally did. This might seem like a hyperbolic statement, however Maia Hirasawa's "And I Found This Boy" is truly masterful. Overflowing with brassy bombast and orchestral theatrics and lyrics that are at once vulnerable and defiant, I want to give this song a giant hug and then dance through the streets Broadway style and then drink and cry alone. It's just that overwhelming. When Maia sings "And don't say I'm desperate, I'm not!" with her Japanese-Swede pixie vocals (sort of akin to Bjork except elventy bazillion times more girly and thus awesome) you know EXACTLY what's she's feeling -the simultaneous liberation and discomfort of denial.

And I Found This Boy - Maia Hirasawa
I wish I hadn't been here before

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