11 January 2010

The Rural Alberta Advantage @ TheMercury Lounge (early show) 1/9/10

In less than two days I am moving to Brooklyn, which is probably why the Rural Alberta Advantage's debut album Hometowns is so appealing to me right now. Like the title implies there is a great emphasis on place and that paradoxical loving/loathing relationship you cultivate over time with the space from which you come. It's about moving on and out but also knowing that no matter where you go for better or for worse, you can never quite escape where you've been.

I can't think of a band that covers this lofty territory with more verve, rhythm and sincerity than these guys. They simply ooze urgency from Nils Edenloff's earnest nasal bleats (it would be irresponsible to compare his voice to Jeff Mangum, since no one sounds that singular, however there are inflections that recall his trademark yelp) to the the raucous, pounding percussion. I wrote waaaay more about why I adore their album here on Crawdaddy if you care to read my fan girl gushing.

I took a break from packing to catch them live last Saturday, suffice it say the show did not disappoint. Also they covered the theme song to a children's show I never heard of called "The Littlest Hobo" (perhaps it's a Canadian thing?) It's apparently about a homeless German Shepard that solves problems and fights crime. If anyone has a recording of their performance, hit us up in the comments.

Oh and hey, I nabbed a setlist:
"Tornado" is a new song about, well a tornado. Along with that song about a mudslide, this band has a real knack for writing rock songs about Canadian natural disasters.

The Dethbridge in Lethbridge - The Rural Alberta Advantage
Don't Haunt This Place - The Rural Alberta Advantage


nyctaper said...

I did record the show, but Nils wants to hear it first because as you know he was concerned about being sick and how his voice sounded. If he ok's it, it will be up on my site. Oh yeah, and can I use your nice photo when/if I post it?

Jess said...

oh awesome - i totally understand about Nils wanting to hear it first though. i thought his voice sounded fine and he was certainly giving it his all despite feeling under the weather. hopefully you'll be able to post it. and yes you can most definitely use my photo!
nyctaper to the rescue like usual :)

Megan said...

I prefer bootlegs where the singer is a little sick or whatever it gives the song a different feel that appeals to me.