22 January 2010

Did you hear that Contra is the number 1 album in America? Madness.

Because my brother finally got around to giving me my Christmas present I found myself yesterday with some money to spend on new music, yay!

I've been rather poor of late, so it's been a while since I've had the chance, here is what was going down in my brain:

me: wow, look at all this new music! Oh, so shiny, what shall I get?

brain: why, look at this album here, OK GO.

me: OK GO? Nah, I don't really like them.

brain: have we ever heard them?

me: sure we have, you know, they had the film clip with the treadmills.

brain: oh yeah! That was cool, we should by this

me: well, yes, but brain, but I don't by music because the film clips are cool. I'd own a hell of a lot more Kanye West if that were true.

brain: wait, wait, hold the presses! didn't we see a film clip for this new album, with marching bands and stuff and it, too, was really cool? Was that OK GO? I'm pretty sure it was.

me: and again I point out that cool film clips do not awesome music make. Here, let's buy Contra.

brain: Nooooo! Everyone's buying Contra, Vampire Weekend don't care if you buy Contra! Buy this one, reward cool film clip making, come one, buy this on! Buy it!

me: argh, fine! I'll buy it! Stupid brain.

So, yeah, I bought OK GO's new one; 'Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky.' I'd dismissed this guys as gimmicky and far too reliant on treadmills to sell albums, but I'm posting here so that must mean it's time to tuck into some humble pie. Because yeah, I' really liking its lo-fi electro poppiness. The middle seems like it might be a little slow, but the last few songs are really beautiful, and there's this one track that I can't stop repeating. That's probably why I no strong feelings about the middle, because I rarely make it to the middle because I get caught up on repeating track two over and over.

It's called 'This Too Shall Pass.' My brain was right, it does have a seriously nifty film clip floating around, which apparently can't be embedded or some such (there's a letter from OK GO to EMI popping up about the place explaining the situation) and it's just a really killer track.

Maybe I should listen to my brain more often? But then again, probably not...

This Too Shall Pass
Back from Kathmandu

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