17 January 2010

Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in!

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. I've just been busy settling into a new place in the indie mecca that is Brooklyn. YES, I've finally moved to Brooklyn! And I'm having trouble hiding my elation, It's only been three days but I've fallen in love with my neighborhood (and I'm not even living in a trendy area, take that Williamsburg!), have a part-time job lined up and most excitedly am starting grad school (WOO shout to Library and Information sciences!).

(These are the pretty houses down the block.)

And given this crazy awesome transition, there is only one song that fits the mood. The Avett Brothers "I and Love and You" is a siren song to the city I now call home.

I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers
Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in
Are you aware the shape I'm in
My hands they shake my head it spins
Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in


Neil said...

Welcome to BK!

Julie said...

my kids know all the words to that song. congrats on your move!

largehearted boy said...

We'll join you in Brooklyn at the end of the year (when my wife gets out of grad school), I'm looking forward to the move.

avoidfireflies said...

I love that song almost as much as I love 'Library Sciences'--are you planning to become a librarian? That's where I'm headed! I only wish I were headed to Brooklyn as well. ;)

Megan said...

I'm so excited for you! And also extremely jealous.