21 May 2009

This is why I will defend the merits of the mix tape to the death.

This has got to be one of the best feelings in the world.

There's a band you've known of for years. They pop up repeatedly in the recommended lists on last.fm and eMusic and iTunes and all the rest of it. Friends whose music taste you respect love them. Maybe you've downloaded a song or two by them over the years. But you just don't get them. You don't see what all the fuss is about. They're ok, but you just feel vaguely confused and meh about what they do.

This was my relationship with Akron/Family. From the first day I stepped out of the world of safe, mainstream music and into the seas of indie they've been there. I listened to their '05 self titled, I listed to the odd track here and there, but ultimately I was unimpressed. Then, today, I recieved a mix cd in the mail. (Not an unusual occurance for me, I agree to mix trades all over the place and often get unexpected audio surprises in the mail). Track 7 was an Akron/Family track named "Ed Is A Portal." I listened to it once. Went 'hmmm.' Crazy freak folk African beats interwoven with beautiful violin, interesting.... Listened to it again. While it wasplaying for the third time I mosied on over to emusic and bought the album it was from, 2007's "Love is Simple." (It's a picture of the album cover below, not just a random floating heart...)

Guys. For real. Loving it. I've had it on repeat all day and each song delights me more each time I hear it. I'm not kidding, everything about this album is grabbing my attention and not letting go. It's interesting, layered, complex, but easy to listen to and enjoy. Polyphonic Spree like exuberance one moment, Yeasayer tribal beats the next moment, and oh why not some good old fashioned Neil Young rock the next? I can't say Akron/Family, where have you been all my life, because I know where they've been- I've just been happily going about my life under the delusion that I didn't like them.

Seriously. Discovering a love for a band you'd previously disregarded? Like I said before: best feeling in the world.

Ed Is A Portal

(Speaking of random mix cd trades, anyone up for it? Hit me up in the comments if you are!)

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Anonymous said...

ahh thank you...i've passed akron/family up way too many times!