31 May 2009

And it's taking us over

When a band opens their set with a brand new song, one that’s never been released and you haven’t heard before and totally arrests you with its brooding gorgeousness, you know you’re in for a hell of a show. Such was the case with The National during their Friday show at Philly's Electric Factory. The opening tune in this case was the tentatively titled “The Runaway”. If you only remotely liked Boxer (which I daresay is silly of you because it's an album that begs to be LOVED) you should download this song. If you don't even like The National, or have only read about this much hyped band called The National, click the link below, because really this a song, like most National songs is for anyone who's encountered devastating relationship issues and brooded the hell over it. Except The National make art out of angst in only the ways you wish you could.
The Runaway - The National (as played on Q TV)
What makes you think I'm enjoying being led to the flood?
We got another thing coming undone
And it's taking us over

Photo courtesy Thomas Hartnett

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