19 May 2009


I know exactly what you're asking. You're asking: IS IT THAT GOOD? And I'm here to tell you: IT IS THAT GOOD. If you haven't watched the extended trailer for GLEE already, watch it, below. If that piques your interest enough (and how could it not?) go watch the full episode (which aired tonight) on Fox.com. (Watch it all summer long, says Fox! Why, thank you, Fox, I think I will!) It'll be back with more episodes in the Fall. It was SUCH a delight. A little bit Election, a little bit Jane Lynch, a giant dose of musical goodness (which is what we here on Volume Knob are all about, of course), and all the high school nostalgia you can handle. Watch, and enjoy.

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ChristopherKuper said...

I saw half of the first episode and loved it. Given the past trend of quality television it will probably be pulled after it's second season like arrested devel. I really like your page, I've kinda been looking for a group that loves both Sufjan and Bird. What an awesome combo