03 April 2009

Sleep is for the brave

I am a HUGE sucker for retro girl group melodies. Murder-Shmurder, Phil Spector is still a god to me. Anyways England's Lucky Soul does the retro girl group sound disturbingly well. "Whoa Billy" is an epic wallop of beauty and a brilliant contemporary take on the genre. The "WHOA OH OHS" shimmer and shine and sparkle among pixie dust strings and dancey electro rhythms.

ALSO, I'm pretty convinced this song was written for me. I know you're skeptical but bare with me for a sec. The protagonist is a girl who is insanely unsure about her future (i.e.: me!). She sings "Dark times ahead, whoa Billy, I've got some doubts about myself. Please tell me, what am I too do." Now I know you're thinking, hey this could be everyone. But wait.

THEN she asks a boy named Billy how he remains so confident all the freakin time. "You seem so sure about yourself. What's your secret?" she implores. See, Billy is my boyfriend, but more importantly he's a source comfort, humor and sanity. (Awww, you wanna vommit right?) I swear I'm not a narcissistic, codependent lunatic, though I do ask him that same question all the time.

Whoa Billy - Lucky Soul

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