23 April 2009

and I'm pretty sure they opened for jarvis cocker at some point...

Thi album's a few years old now, but I just rediscovered it in some dusty and neglected corner of my computer, and so here we are. It's a bunch of girls and boys from a bunch of different bands (including, but not limited to, The New Pornographers, The Gay and Blood Meridian) and for some strange reason a fashion designer is in there too. They hooked up at one of those festivals I dream to one day be able to afford going to, SXSW or Coachella or one of them, and decided, 'hey, you know what the world needs more of? Choir music! Boo yah!'

And that's what this is. Minimal instruments, a little bit of drums here, a dash of guitar there. Their voices are the primary instruments here. Beautiful melodies and interwining voices in perfect tune with each other. There's something very Bodies of Water-ish about it all, a darkness that contrasts with the sweetness of the vocals. If you hate choral music then, well, you'll probably hate this. Everyone else, give it a try; I recommend the New Pornographers cover in particular.

Running On

Failsafe (new pornographers cover)


Get Weird said...

i definitely can't get enough choral music. good find.

Daniel said...

Speaking of choir music, this is pretty cool.
A swedish choir named The Sweptaways has made some collaborations with fellow swedes jens lekman, robyn, howlin' pelle, etc