14 April 2009

I could never get the hang of the flying racoon outfit, but yoshi was my bitch.

When a picture Sufjan Stevens as a kid I see him climbing trees and peering into birds nests, and gazing up at the sky, and skipping rocks across placid water. I don't much see him hunched over a game boy. But I bet if his mum and dad had've bought him one (instead of, you know, having affairs and colouring their hair...) and if he'd spent his formative years with mario instead of a banjo then maybe his music would sound a little like Sin Fang Bous.

That was a really long winded way of saying that Sing Fang Bous's debut album, "Clangour," sounds a little like Sufjan and a little like my nintendo loving childhood. Blips and whistles melded perfectly with breathy harmonies. It's a little wierd, and a lot cool.

Plus, check out the cover. Awesome, y/y?

Advent in Ives Garden
The Jubilee Choruses


Adam said...

hey, just a heads up - both of the links are to the same file x

Megan said...

Typical, the on time I don't check... Thanks for letting me know, fixing now.