02 April 2009

The Hold Steady @ the Tralf, Buffalo, NY, 4/1/09

The Hold Steady is a rock band. The level of rock enthusiasm seems unparalleled until you realize that, yes, this IS your mother's rock and roll. It's not 2009, it's 1989 and you're at a concert with your best friend in black velour miniboots. Or it's 1966 and you're at The Rolling Stones with your date, and both of you have longer hair than your mom would like. This isn't just a show, it's the beginning of a rock revolution that'll only be appreciated in hindsight.

Let me make one thing clear: this isn't just play. This is work. This is serious business, if you like. Craig Finn and crew came out and with no fuss just started ripping out the chords. It was clearly a happy night for him, as it was all "fuck yeah!" smiles and hands in the air. As each song medlied into the next, the singalongs couldn't be stopped.

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