22 December 2008

The Walkmen @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple, Brooklyn, NY 12/15/08

I think we can all agree Hamilton Leithauser is a damn fine looking guy. However, his boyish face, mighty cheekbones and all-around clean cut look stands in stark contrast to his fierce, unrestrained howl of a voice. Once he opens his mouth, an commanding force of vocal prowess is released and defies you to oppose it. Meanwhile the guitars chime and whirl and crash and fall around the words that belie them. The Walkmen's nervy sound translate phenomenal live, especially the new material off this year's super-excellent You & Me.

I wrote at length about "In the New Year" in my top songs of the year list. And I stand by what I said before:

Hamilton's snarl is so damn sexy and menacing. The way he sings “I know it’s true –it’s gonna be a good year” is like a threat. Year, you better be good or I’ll choke you with my bare hands. Meanwhile the shambolic guitars teeter as if on the brink of cautious optimism.

In the New Year - The Walkmen
Four Provinces - The Walkmen

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