03 December 2008

2009: Year of the Best Album Covers. EVER

I'm making that assessment based on these three upcoming releases alone. Neko, Morrissey and The Boy Least Likely To, how you never dissapoint! If the music is only half as spectacular as these images, I'll be more then satisfied.

I'm totally jealous of that baby. (Out February 16)

Stuffed animals and military weaponry - a brilliantly subversive combination. (Out March 3)

Neko. On a pimped out ride. Wielding a sword. What a bad-ass! (Out March 3)

And two preview songs to hold you over (sorry I don't have any new Neko tracks, but let me know if you do!)

All You Need Is Me - Morrissey
Balloon on a Broken String - The Boy Least Likely To

Bonus BLLT video for "The First Snowflake":
The First Snowflake from The Boy Least Likely To on Vimeo.

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thom said...

thanks for sharing these! i'm happy to hear that the boy least likely to album doesn't necessarily sound as though it will be a complete retread of the best party ever.