07 December 2008

The only Christmas song that matters?

Some blogs only post cover songs. Some blogs only post Christmas songs.

Well, one blog only posts covers of one Christmas song. And not just any Christmas song, but THE Christmas song to end all Christmas songs - Wham's! heartbreakingly catchy "Last Christmas".

Believe it or not, Last Christmas (the blog) has been around for over 3 years! and has featured over 300 renditions of the now-classic song. I just can't believe it's taken me THIS long to discover it, but oh thank heaven I have.

And just because, I'll share one of my fave renditions

Last Christmas - Coldplay (Wham! cover)

Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away


mp3hugger said...

I'd like say that the Very Most's Christmas song of 2008 called 'This Year, Christmas Came November 4th' written about America's new president is my favourite festive song ever! It can be heard at this url www.indiecater.com

Jasper said...

They're biting us. This is better,


Jess said...

ooh thanks for the heads up mp3hugger, i'm a big fan of the very most!

and jasper that was indeed an awesome cover too, kudos!

Anonymous said...

The Jimmy Eat World cover of last christmas is heaps betta.