06 September 2008

This just in: You have low self-esteem

The BBC just released this gem of an article:

Music Tastes Linked to Personality

No, reeeeeally. Thanks for clearing that up BBC!

The article goes on to dissect personality by genre, claiming those who prefer "indie" music have "low self-esteem, are creative, and not hard-working and not gentle". Of course this begs the tired question: what exactly is "indie". Some argue it's an aesthetic, while others claim it's mode of economics and business ethos. My cynical self is convinced it's neither. "Indie" is nothing but a marketing niche and consumer identity that's been co-opted and re-appropriated by mainstream media outlets for crass commercial purposes.

I'd normally take offense to being told I'm not hard-working and have low self-esteem on the basis of vague and flawed terminology and write an articulate letter to the editor. Perhaps I'll do that later. For now I'm just going to sit here alone, mope in my room and listen to The Smiths.

Miserable Lie - The Smiths


Tom said...

put another way, kids who listen to indie music must therefore have more sex than people who listen to other types of music. see?

meghan leigh said...

Hearty LOLing.

Leigh-Ann said...

sooo what if you're a fan of more than one genre? i like jazz and indie- one rated with high self-esteem and low self-esteem. what now, bbc?

lmc said...

Did you notice that country, rap, and chart pop were genres that didn't have "creative" listed as an attribute?

... so ... what's music again?

I'll join you in the Smiths party.