03 September 2008

Results of experimenting with sleep deprivation on bloggers.

Sometimes you need only the slightest, most vacuous reason to post something you love. For me, it's this endlessly amusing picture, leading into a serious of "things I found while Googling NMH for the umpteenth time":

Draw your own conclusions about deep meaning. In the meantime, here's a random live cut for you:

Neutral Milk Hotel - Mother (live with Chris Knox).mp3

This you have (probably) seen:

...but if not, BREATHE INTO A PAPER BAG IF YOU NEED TO; I'M SURE IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED. I mean, it just HAS to be, right?? Paris probably thinks "Holland, 1945" is a perfume. ZING!

Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945.m4a


for the love of God, they better BOTH be photoshopped. Otherwise, I might either have to start liking Paris, or disliking NMH. Both are too intolerable to consider.

...and these two are just plain WRONG:

I am soooooo going to sleep now.


the becca said...

Despite the fact that several blogs (http://goldenfiddle.com/node/4870 ; http://stayclassydallas.blogspot.com/2006/08/neutral-milk-hilton-hotel.html ) are circ'ing this as real news, the original source isn't able to be found by the power of google.

And another blog outs it as a hoax, saying a similar story with Captain Beefheart was making the rounds a few months ago.
( http://rateyourmusic.com/board_message/message_id_is_883878 )

Lack of original source and rumor of hoax equals enough for me to stop the panic attack. I think we can rest easy.

June said...

It could always be a fluke. I mean, I go to auto parts stores and look at accessories that might as well have come out of a Dr. Seuss book, for all I know.

Katie said...

Ugh...that Walmart one almost triggered my gag reflex while simultaneously making me rip the hair from my head.

Hmm, does Paris even know what a CD is, let alone how to operate one? Something tells me picking at and peeling back the sticky tape on the case of a new CD would be discouragement enough...

the becca said...

I present to you the outing .

At the end of the post, click on the fourth "here" to see the original, NOT NMH, image.

June said...

You know, somehow the image of her holding Captain Beefheart is even better than NMH.

I SO want to take these and photoshop some more in--other albums that are 1) Iconic/recognizable and 2) unlikely to be her taste: Deerhoof! Belle & Sebastian! Spiritualized! Mountain Goats! They Might Be Giants! Tom Waits!


Cara said...

That. Better. Not. Be. Real.

I just pray that it's a fake.

lalalalalala said...

I think she was probably holding up her own album or something. Phew.

james said...

Not liking a good band like Neutral Milk Hotel, just because Paris does is even more shallow than liking a shitty band like KMS just because everyone else does...

Anonymous said...


good. its photoshop.