24 September 2008

Ridiculous Cover of the Day

So you know that goofily bombastic anthem, the one with the crazy catchy/annoying synth riff that defies "earworm". Well some band I've never heard of called The Social Services completely reinvented it Beirut style. We're talking waltzing horns and lilting piano and a chorus of la la las, not to mention coyly girly vocals. It's a transformative work of staggering vulnerable beauty. My mind is blown. I wonder what Gob Bluth would think.

The Social Services - The Final Countdown (Europe cover).mp3

Super fun bonus video, Arrested Development style!


Katie said...

Oh my God, that just made my week! I think Gob would respond by immediately planning his next big magic event. And remember, kids: "They're my ILLUSIONS. Tricks are what whores do for money!"

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the link is expired - any chance of reposting?

June said...

Just refreshed the link today! :)