30 September 2008

REPOST by popular (& timely!) request

Ed Note: We originally posted this entry last year, but oh what a crazy year it's been. Those of us in the States have been overwhelmed with election coverage that rivals reality TV in its absurdity. We got Obama, McCain and a little lady from some Alaskan bridge to nowhere who essentially parodies herself. Might as well throw some rock stars into the mix. Oh and yeah, Don't Forget to Vote!

This is what happens when you have new graphic design software, not a lot of creativity, and a lot of time on your hands. (If you can think of any other great pairings or campaign slogans, pass 'em on and I'll see what I can do with it.)

This last one is for the greatest mashup of all time:
R. Kelly/Jens Lekman mashup - If I Could Rock (It Would Feel Like This).mp3

I know, it's truly difficult to imagine that Jens himself didn't write lyrics like, "the way we fuck gon' lead to chil'burfin'," and, "girl your booty so swole, how you get dem jeans around it," but it's true! You learn something every day.


mr. obbs said...

this is amaaaaazing! but the linkie is dead... plz re-up.


Jess said...

here you go mr. obbs: