29 April 2008

I am writing from the heart

Despite Sufjan Stevens' recent hibernating activity, he remains as popular as ever. After we got slammed by hits and requests for re-uploads from the most recent Sufjan post-o'-rarities, we decided to give up a second helping of everyone's favorite winged multi-instrumentalist.

Here, soundboard recordings from some really fantastic short shows that have slipped under a lot of radars plus a handful of other too-great-to-be-this-hard-to-find rarities. The Austin City Limits show first aired November 2006 and offers rollicking, boisterous joy in full orhestral glory. The PENultimate Lit show is a solo show with Sufjan on piano for the first two songs and banjo for the last.

Enjoy, and if you find these after links have expired, remember that we are always happy to re-upload songs for you. Just drop us a note in the comments or email us at volume.knob at hotmail dot com (we know you're out there, robots!).

From Austin City Limits:

From the PENultimate Lit Event:

Sufjan Stevens - Many Guides.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Borderline (vinyl version).mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Damascus.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - The Star Spangled Banner.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Jupiter Bad June.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Opie's Funeral Song.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - How Can The Stone Remain.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - The 50 States Song.mp3

This isn't a complete list of B-sides. At the risk of being overwhelming, I'll post the last of what's out there far as non-album Michigan B-sides and numerous covers go at a later date. If you're looking for a certain song in particular, I can upload that for you too; just let me know.


Zach said...

Thanks for this wonderful gift!
Is there a chance you could re-post "Jacob" as well?

June said...

Hi Zach,
Sorry for the delay, here's Jacob again. Enjoy!


James Cailet said...


you guys need a new uploader site.

last song austin show is filled.

June said...

We know. We're not a huge fan of YouSendIt, but hype machine still picks up on it. We would love any recommendations you have on better uploading options. Suggestions??

Sean said...

Know that I am a bit late stumbling across this but what an incredible collection. I expect you already have them but I have at least another 18 rarites by sufjan and a live performace November 16th 2004. Would it be possible for you to please put the Jacksonville mp3 up again?

June said...

I reloaded that Jacksonville link, plus a few more that were haywire. Please e-mail me the list of what you have, and also feel free to check out the "Sufjan Stevens" tag we have. If I'm missing anything, then I wanna have it!

Uncle Jim said...

June, thank you so much for posting all these! If you wouldn't mind, I would love it if you could repost Opie's Funeral Song! I've been looking all over for it!

Just FYI, all but Jacksonville from the ACL show seem to be down.

June said...

Uncle Jim,

I've refreshed Opie's Funeral Song as well as (most) of the others. Enjoy, and thanks for reading VK!

Alejandro said...

Please, yould you be so kind to re-upload the Michigan b-sides, collaborations, covers he's done and covers of him? I know it's a lot but I just discovered your blog and I'm so sorry to be late to the party :(