10 April 2008

All Sufjan Stevens, All The Time

Some kindly folks dropped by recently to request fresh uploads of two Sufjan rarities off Seven Swans (vinyl version). Instead of having to go digging, here they are, plus a handful of other awesome rare stuff, because they just need to be out there. Enjoy!

Sufjan Stevens - Waste of What Your Kids Won't Have.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - I Went Dancing With My Sister.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Far Physician's Son.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Woman at the Well.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - The First Full Moon.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - I Can't Even Lift My Head.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - God'll Ne'er Let You Down.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Bushwick Junkie.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Jacob.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (solo banjo demo).mp3


Alyssa said...

you guys rock, thanks for these!

Katie said...

Thumbs up!


Kristen said...

Could you possibly upload I Went Dancing With My Sister and The First Full Moon again? The links seem to be damaged.

June said...

Hi kristen,

Sorry about that. They are fixed now, enjoy! :)

Kristen said...

Thanks, June. Nothing better than starting the day off with new Sufjan tunes.

Eric said...

I'm really excited about that Jacob song but I can't download it. Is there a problem with the link?
Thank you for putting up these rarities!

June said...

Hi Eric,
It's likely the links have simply expired already. But for you, a fresh link to Jacob:


of all Sufjan's rarities, this is one of his very best. I would love to see it on an album sometime. Stay tuned for more rarities soon!

Mark said...

thank you, thank you...
i can't believe how good Jacob is!

Jack said...

Hi there,Could you please upload again "Waste of What Your Kids Won't Have" and "Chicago (solo banjo demo)".The links have expired. Thanks Jack

Laura said...

haha at that photo of Suf...where is that from by the way?
and it'll be great if you could upload Chicago(solo banjo) again.

Thanks! :)

Eric said...

Thank you so much June, I love the song so much, and suf as well. One of my favorite stories, Genesis 25. Also, just watched the documentary on the Danielson Familie which has some great moments with Sufjan, I definitely recommend it for the fans.

June said...

Laura & Jack,
Sorry for the delay, here are your songs!

Waste: http://download.yousendit.com/B624AB34251BB9BD
Chicago: http://download.yousendit.com/37BCC24C08DFE447

Our friend Katie sent us that picture. From what we've gathered. It's from a brother's wedding, although we could be very wrong.

We loved the Danielson movie too! If you click on Danielson Famile on the sidebar, you can see your review of it. Did you check the extra footage as well? Those are the best gems!

Laura said...

Thanks for the song June! :)

And I concur with the comments on the Danielson movie. The extras are definitely quite wonderful!

maurito said...

links of this songs expired, can somebody please uploads again?

*I Went Dancing With My Sister
*Far Physician's Son

June said...

here you go!

I Went Dancing With My Sister: http://download.yousendit.com/E75EADC2193A8215
Far Physician's Son:

Enjoy, and thanks for reading VK!

Cameron McAllister said...

June, let me just say... I love you! Thank you so much! Could you reupload "I Can't Even Lift My Head" please? Thank you!!

June said...

Hi Cameron!

I refreshed the link in the post, but here it is directly: https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01HQ3QzQVNFc0pjR0E9PQ

Thanks for reading us! And feel free to ask if you need any other Sufjan songs <3

Brian Franklin said...

I hate to be a pain, but I have recently become a huge Sufjan fan. Today, I bought the re-released seven swans on vinyl, but I was disappointed when no digital download was included. I started searching the internet and I stumbled upon your blog and I would love it if you could repost these files. Thank you so much

June said...

I re-uploaded all the songs. Thanks for reading VK! Sufjan gives an extra thumbs-up :)

jijipunch said...

Wow - thanks so much for these! You've made me a very happy bunny :) Sorry to be a pain but would you happen to have links to any of these mp3s: 'The Lord God Bird', 'Jupiter Bad June' or 'Damascus'?
Yours hopefully,


Anonymous said...

Could you upload them again, please?
I'm desperatly looking for the album OUTTAKES & RARITIES COLLECTION, and I can't find it (sorry for my English :) )

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but it's no necessary! I've just found them!