26 April 2008

8 Bands to Watch and the one we're watching

New York alt-weekly The L Magazine has just come out with the third annual list of 8 bands to hear for the year to come. These guys' predictions are notoriously effing good, or at the very least, startlingly accurate. (cough *2007 pick Vampire Weekend* cough). Thanks L, for being the hip older brother I never had--yet with none of the sibling abuse in the backseat. I haven't had a chance to check out all of this year's chosen groups yet, but I'm definitely taking the raving reviews to heart.

I will offer you two tracks though, from the one group I've actually heard of. This is Ivy League might have you rolling your eyes from the name alone, as you sigh "what is up with all the preppies taking over indie rock (cough again *Vampire Weekend* cough)? What, I'm not in middle school anymore and can't derogatorily use the term "preppies" anymore? Damn. But really, they are not what you are thinking. Think Simon & Garfunkel meets Belle & Sebastian, with a little breezy bossa nova twist. And "The Richest Kids" (yet another frustratingly misleading name!) exemplifies all these strengths, PLUS there are hand claps. Positively dreamy.

The Richest Kids - This Is Ivy League
London Bridges - This Is Ivy League

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melodious b. said...

Did you know that the two guys from This is Ivy League are also the guitarist and bassist from Cobra Starship?