05 February 2008

"And we drank to absent votes, at the chance that you were right"

If you live in one of 24 US states holding primaries today we hope you made it to the polls (even if you were just writing in rock stars).

And now a song by a distinctively Australian band. It's called "To Absent Votes". And here are some choice lyrics:

They're packing up the polling booths
And pulling down the posters
As the sun sets on the primary school
And the streetlights flicker on
Across the town your mother left behind
At a bittersweet sixteen
You’re trying to convince me
That the government is gone

And you’re not one for anecdotes
But remember our delight
As we drank to absent votes
At the chance that you were right


The Lucksmiths - To Absent Votes.mp3


Catlinbee said...

God that's a good song... Thanks for the upload!

Catlinbee said...

God that's a good song. Thanks for the upload!