11 February 2008

He's just looking for his queen of carrot flowers.

Ok I am going to be completely honest and admit I have absolutely NO IDEA where I found this, but it is currently making me giggle. It's a comedy sketch featuring New York alt-comedian Aziz Ansari in which he interviews a dude pretending to be an angry, agressive Neutral Milk Hotel-er Jeff Mangum. He wants to kill Beirut and get a reality dating show on VH1 ala Flavor of Love ("There's nothing neutral about that"). It's completely ridiculous and absurd and maybe even disrespectful but really it's all in good fun. It's also quite apt given tonight is the season three premiere of Flavor Flav's aforementioned reality show and yesterday of course marked the 10th anniversary of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Yeah BOY!

PSNYC Blog Radio - NMH with Aziz Ansari

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Pat said...

Jess this was an awesome response to a rumor approximately two years ago that Neutral Milk were getting together to perform again. It is quite possibly the most successful internet rumor to date as it was posted EVERYWHERE! when the rumor hit.