19 February 2008

"I try to be cheerful but I can feel myself deflating all the time"


It's been three years since the British boys of The Boy Least Likely To have released an their debut album The Best Party Ever, which is quite possibly the finest, indie pop record of the 00s. No band combines peppy melodies, eclectic instrumentation (think: glockenspiel, banjo, clickity-clack percussion and recorder solos) with melancholic lyricism and wide-eyed innocence and wonder. It's sad scary world full of monsters and spiders and the onset of adulthood. We might as well clap our hands and sha-la-la while we have a collective twee panic attack.

So finally, finally, finally they have release a new song, which is said to appear on a new album due out sometime this summer. "A Balloon on a Broken String" doesn't stray far from their amazing twee template. The chorus is utterly endearing right from the first listen. And check out these lyrics:

I'm a balloon on a broken string
I'm not attached to anyone or anything anymore...
I'm sad and alone
But you'd never know it to look at me


Balloon on a Broken String - The Boy Least Likely To

And here's a near-classic track of their 2005 album The Best Party Ever
I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes - The Boy Least Likely To

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Shawn R. Gethers said...

Amazing song, how Indie should be...