05 December 2007

Richard Hawley @ Other Music, NYC 12/3/07

Sometimes waiting outside for over an hour in the freezing, flurrying weather is totally worth it. Such was the case on Monday as concert-goers braved near-hypothermic conditions to gain entry into Richard Hawley's intimate in-store performance at New York's illustrious independent record shop Other Music. The British crooner played a sweet set of stripped down acoustic balladry. His deep rasp, charming banter and melancholy melodies had us warmed up in no time.

While nine songs are listed on the set list, he only played the first seven due to an increasingly sore throat. I was mildly bummed that I didn't get to hear the rockabilly romp, "Serious". Oh well.

If you haven't checked out his latest album Lady's Bridge, well by all means do so.
Tonight the Streets Are Ours - Richard Hawley

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