09 December 2007

I swear the next Christmas song post will be more upbeat...

But for now you will have to deal with the bout of melancholy that is prone to infect some of us, um or at least me, while everyone else is wallowing in holiday cheer.
Cold White Christmas - Casiotone For the Painfully Alone
Owen Ashworth's throaty baritone imbues this song with an impending sense of post-graduation doom. Resigned to life alone, broke, and drunk hopefully you can't relate to this painstakingly, devastating narrative. But if you can, well join the club. This song is fucking bleak. (Buy Etiquette because it's a really fantastic albun)

All I Ever Get For Christmas is Blue - Over the Rhine
The title really says it all.

I Hate Christmas - Oscar the Grouch
"I would rather have a holiday with a lot less joy and flash." Amen.

Depressed Christmas - Culturcide
Ok so basically take the "White Christmas" melody and insert lyrics about killing yourself. Lower than lo-fi audio quality alert!
I'm having a depressed Christmas, just like the one i had last year
My slit wrists glistens as I listen to the last Christmas song I'll ever hear.

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kate said...

another depressing song: "holidays" by that dog., from their second album, totally crushed out. simple and bleak, yet effective. i think everyone's felt like that at least once or twice.

glad to see this is still going strong. i never check up on anything anymore, but i am still alive.

-kate (lj alias: ware)