07 December 2007

69 Pork Songs

Whenever I'm feeling down, I play this game where I replace the word "love" with "pork" in same favorite songs, often with weird, hilarious or outright inappropriate results. So here's a whole mix of it, just to make you giggle:

21 Songs / 1:17:16 total time

Side A
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Pork.mp3
Benni Hemm Hemm - I Can Pork You In A Wheelchair Baby.mp3
Jeff Buckley - We All Fall in Pork Sometimes (WFMU) (Elton John cover).mp3
The Magnetic Fields - I'm Sorry I Pork You.mp3
Elvis Presley - Burning Pork.mp3
Billie Holiday - Pork Me Or Leave Me.mp3
Bright Eyes - Porker I Don't Have To Pork.mp3
Deftones - No Ordinary Pork (Sade cover).mp3
Tina Turner - What's Pork Got To Do With It.mp3
The Doors - Pork Me Two Times.mp3

Side B
Eddie Vedder - You've Got to Hide Your Pork Away (Beatles cover).mp3
Elvis Costello - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Pork & Understanding.mp3
Future Bible Heroes - Memories Of Pork.mp3
Jens Lekman - I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Pork You.mp3
Liam Lynch - Horny Kind of Pork.mp3
Ryan Adams - Gonna' Make You Pork Me.mp3
AC/DC - Let Me Put My Pork Into You.mp3
B-52's - Pork Shack.mp3
Peter Bjorn & John - Teen Pork.mp3
Justin Timberlake - Porkstoned.mp3
the Mountain Goats - Pork Pork Pork.mp3


boyhowdy said...

Only you, Volume Knob, could force me to think of the Muppets' Swedish Chef while starting up a Mountain Goats song. Pork Pork Pork, indeed.

fotambulo said...

how about "pork me tender," "pork for sale," and my favorite, "tainted pork?"